ESG: Governance

Being transparent about how we operate

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man with target board

Key targets

  • All senior leadership to have ESG in their objectives from 2022
  • To sign up to the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) by 2022
  • All employees and contractors will receive mandatory ESG training by 2024. The breakdown is management by 2022; staff by 2023; and contractors by 2024


  • The launch of this area of the Hermes website dedicated to ESG
  • The end of year report for 2021-22 will be available, with further downloadable reports to be available from 2022

Hermes leadership team

Photo of Martijn de Lange, CEO of Hermes
Martijn de Lange
Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Carl Lyon, COO of Hermes
Carl Lyon
Chief Operations Officer

Photo of Alan Richardson, CFO of Hermes
Alan Richardson
Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Fash Sawyerr, CTO of Hermes
Fash Sawyerr
Chief Transformation Officer

Photo of Chris Ashworth, CIO of Hermes
Chris Ashworth
Chief Information Officer

Photo of Nathan White, Director of Client Development of Hermes
Nathan White
Director of Client Development

Photo of Ryan Norris, Sales Director of Hermes
Ryan Norris
Sales Director

Photo of David Saenz, Out of Home and E-Commerce Director of Hermes
David Saenz
Out of Home and E-Commerce Director

Photo of Malcolm Barrell, Managing Director - International Sales of Hermes
Malcolm Barrell
Managing Director - International Sales

Hermes Policies

We want to be transparent in all that we do as a business. From top to bottom, we’re responsible, open and accountable, and committed to clear, accessible reporting.