Hermes Parcelnet Ltd Gender Gap Reporting 2017


At Hermes, we are committed to ensuring equality throughout our organisation and eliminating barriers that prevent people from developing their full potential. Transparency will help to achieve this, so we welcome the introduction of gender pay gap reporting for all businesses.

We want our business to continue to thrive on diversity of all kinds and, as part of that, we are implementing a number of initiatives to further reduce, and ultimately eliminate, the gender pay gap.

Hourly Pay Mean Median
Hourly Pay Gap 2.23% -7.29%
Pay Quartiles M F
Lower 62.7% 37.3%
Lower Middle 87.3% 12.7%
Upper Middle 68.7% 31.3%
Upper 71.9% 28.1%
Bonus M F
Paid a Bonus 25.41% 42.66%
Bonus Mean Median
Bonus Gap 18.67% -1.94%