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Julie Williamson

In February, Maidstone courier, Julie Williamson found herself ending what should have been an ordinary day in a truly extraordinary way. 

Whilst out on her delivery round Julie stopped to deliver a parcel to two of her regular customer’s, an elderly couple. Knowing the couple well, she thought it odd that no one answered when she knocked on the door. Julie proceeded to make her way to the back of the property to leave the parcel in the agreed location when she noticed flashing orange lights through a window. Thinking this was unusual, Julie decided that she would double check on the couple. On her return, she noticed smoke coming from the back garden. Thinking that they were in the garden so hadn’t heard her, Julie went back to explain where she had left their delivery.  On her return she knew that a fire had started in the property. 
Julie immediately ran to a neighbouring house and explained that she thought a fire had started in the couple’s house. Running back to the property, having rang the fire brigade and alerted more neighbours; Julie proceeded to bang on the front door of the house. Eventually, the elderly gentleman answered the front door and when told he had to leave the property, he explained his wife was still upstairs in bed. Julie and a neighbour, without any thought for their own safety, immediately entered the property. They retrieved the wife out of the house unharmed, and even managed to save the pet dog. 
By the time Julie had helped the elderly lady out of the house, the fire brigade had arrived and informed Julie that without her quick actions, the outcome of the incident would no doubt have been very different.  Displaying genuine care for everyone involved, Julie proceeded the following day to call upon the neighbours involved and went back to visit the elderly couple to see how they were coping after the incident.
Julie’s fearless actions saved two lives and we can only hope that if faced with a similar situation, we would be able to display the same bravery and quick thinking. Julie told us “I think someone was definitely watching over the couple that day and I was definitely in the right place at the right time.” 
Well done Julie – we are extremely proud and grateful to have someone as caring and courageous as you associated with us!



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