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Make your parcels even more personal with a video message

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You can now add a video message to your parcel with Hermes Play

With Hermes Play you can make your parcel even more personal by adding a video message. All you need to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

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Here's how you do it

  • When sending your parcel, select "video message" from the add ons section
  • Record your video message (there and then, or later on if you want to)
  • Enter the details of the person you're sending it to
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How does the recipient know they have a video to watch?

When you record your video and send your parcel, we'll e-mail the recipient to let them know that your parcel is on its way to them with your personal video message. We'll also let them know how they can watch their video.

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Watch your video in 3 simple steps

  • Download our app
  • Scan your parcel's label
  • Enjoy!
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Hermes Play FAQs

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What if I no longer want to use the Hermes play video message?

If you haven’t sent your parcel yet, just cancel and rebook your order without the Hermes Play option – we’ll send you a full refund.

If your parcel’s already been sent, we won’t be able to cancel or refund you.

Log in to your account to cancel the order.

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The barcode is damaged so I can’t scan it to play my message. What do I do?

If your barcode isn’t scanning with the camera, enter the 16 digit number underneath instead.

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My Hermes Play video message won’t play?

Firstly, make sure you’re using the Hermes app (it’s available on Apple and Android devices) to view the video. You can also view your message on our website’s tracking page; just enter your tracking number.

If you’ve scanned the label but your video message isn’t playing, just make sure that there’s one linked to the parcel you’re scanning.

You’ll know that a video message is linked as you’ll see the message ‘I’ve got a video message’ on the tracking page within the app or our website.

If you’re having issues with your video message, you’ll see an error message on screen.  If you reload the app then your video message should play or you can try viewing the video online by entering your tracking code into our tracking page.