Your parcel dimensions

To make sure your parcel can be shipped through myHermes please check its size against the points below:

We have three ways of measuring a parcel
Small parcels
Parcel dimensions
A small parcel has no one dimension bigger than 45cm length, 35cm width, 16cm height.
Medium parcels
max volume

A medium parcel can weigh up to 15kg and cannot be longer that 120cm. If you add the two shortest dimensions and multiply them by two, add the length, the total calculation needs to be under 245cm.

For example a parcel with dimensions of 100cm x 35cm x 33cm - would be calculated as:

(35 + 33) x 2 + 100 = 236

Parcel Examples Max weight Max length Max width Max height
Small parcel Boots, shoes, books and small electrical items. 2kg 45cm 35cm 16cm
Medium parcel Gifts, heavy boots, bulky items (large coats), tubes. Items can be up to 120cm. 15kg 120cm (see below for more information) 31cm (see below for more information) 31cm (see below for more information)
max volume
A tube can weigh up to 15kg and must be less than 120cm in length and less than 20cm in diameter.

Your parcel weight

The below diagram will help you estimate the weight of your parcel to help you choose the correct weight band when sending your parcel.

1kg bag of sugar
bag of sugar
2kg large book
large book
5kg Bowling ball
bowling ball
10kg large dumb-bell
Large dumb-bell
15kg holiday luggage allowance
Holiday luggage allowance
Over 15kg prohibited
Over 15kg