What can I send?

There are some items we can’t carry, check before you send
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Make sure you can send your items with us

There are some items we're not able to carry for the safety of our parcel people and to comply with the law.

The items on our prohibited list are restricted for a reason as many of them are dangerous. It's unlikely any of these items would make it into our network but if they did they'd be disposed of immediately, so please don't try to send them!

You can download our detailed list of prohibited items, but here are some examples

Illustration of a battery

Such as lithium batteries

Illustration of an explosive

Illustration of a bottle of perfume

Illustration of aerosols

Illustration of a bottle containing a liquid

Illustration of a pistol

Illustration of scissors
Sharp instruments

Knives, axes and scissors

Illustration of cans of paint
Solvent-based paint and inks

Including nail varnish

Illustration of a washing machine
White goods

Check before you send

Download and check the full list of non-compensation items before you send your parcel. If there's something you're not sure about sending our team can help answer your questions. We'll try our best - as always - to make sure anything you do send has a safe journey.

Don't forget to check the weight of your parcel as well. Items weighed incorrectly or over 15kg can incur a penalty. Discover how to weigh your items correctly with our handy guide.

Illustration of some tins of paint

Prohibited items

Make sure you can send your items with us

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Download the guide

A full list of what you can and can't send